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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Slow Cooker Pot Roast

This recipe isn’t “quick” but it is cheap and easy. I love to cook roasts in the slow cooker all day as you don’t have to do anything once the roast is in the pot. You can prepare it before work and by the time you return home the whole house smells wonderful and dinner is a snap.

I usually cook thick London Broil in the slow cooker as this cut of meat can be tough due to the low fat content. By cooking it all day the meat falls apart with a fork.

Tri-tip, Chuck, bottom round or just about any other hunk of beef or pork can be used.

Many folks brown the meat first but I don’t find the extra time or effort worth it.

I don’t like to add potatoes and/or carrots to the slow cooker as the entire meal will have the same flavor.


3-4 pound roast
1 cup water or can of beef stock
1 bay leaf
salt and pepper (and any other seasonings*) to taste
*Instead of (or in combination of) using seasonings you can add cut up onion, garlic, celery, oregano or even chilies


Place roast in slow cooker, add water and seasonings and turn on to low setting
Cook for 8-12 hours
Meat falls apart when removing so use a slotted spoon
You can use the liquid to make gravy

Serve with rice or potato, veggie of choice, fresh bread and a bottle of your favorite red wine

Serves 4-6

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